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Manager Real Estate / Surveyor / Consultant

Manager Real Estate / Surveyor / Consultant


professional experience
01.04.2006 – today Sachverständigenbüro Ludger Burdich
1 employee for bookkeeping

Freelance work:
o appraiser for valuation real estate
o asset manager
o property manager
o counsellor for real estate investment for founds and family offices
o realtor for real estate investments concerning housing and retail portfolio

01.07.2005 – 28.02.2006 ANTERRA Asset-Management GmbH, Frankfurt/M., 20 emplyees, 11.000 housings
Assistance of the CEO and local head of the Frankfurt property management bureau
• supervision and controlling of the single property manager in the Frankfurt area for own and external sites of housing and retail in all aspects
• reponsability of reporting in
o to the own boards
o to customers
orally and in paper form
• evaluation
o for own and third party akquisition intention
o for balance sheet approaches and mortgaging

01.04.2001 – 30.09.2004 Gemeinnütziges Siedlungswerk GmbH, Frankfurt/M., 135 Mitarbeiter, rd. 7.000 WE (own and third party property)
Staff division funding and commercial construction prearrangement
• evaluation
o not built-up sites
o built sites
o rental approach
• cost effektiveness resp. eonomic feasibility checks for
o housing area projects
o estates for spezial purpose (old people´s homes, senior residences, kindergardens etc.)
• calculation of selling prices, rent and leasing
• calculation of total construction prices
• cost controll of running and clearance of ready built projects

parallel further education: studies of valuation for real estates, FH Kaiserslautern

01.08.1990 – 30.03.2001 Immobilienverwaltung Ludger Burdich
5 employees
• property management for about 850 housings
• asset management for about 350 rental homes
• realtor in accordance to § 34c GewO
o letting of housings
o letting of commercial floorpace retail
• appraiser for court purpose:
o for allocatable costs and their bookkeeping
o concerning the WEG

parallel further education: studies of economy, FH Wiesbaden


2006 Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern (University of Applied Science)
further education

Certificate: “of the FH / TU Kaiserslautern certified appraiser for the valuation of build and non-built sites and rent”

07.10.2002 – 15.7.2005 Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern (University of Applied Science)
Studies: real estate oriented
focus: valuation real estate und rent
Diploma: Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH)

01.10.1991 – 10.07.2000 Fachhochschule Wiesbaden (University of Applied Science)
Studies: general business management
Focus: tax and audit
Diploma: Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH)


01.09.1988 – 19.06.1990 Gemeinnütziges Siedlungswerk Frankfurt GmbH and Berufs- and Berufsfachschule Stauffenberg, Frankfurt (professional school)
Degree: management assistant in real estate (IHK)


Management Real Estate
Surveyor Real Estate
Consultant Real Estate


German, English, French



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